Bhutan Land of Thunder Dragon

Bhutan as one of the world’s most exclusive destinations, Bhutan is definitely worth a visit but which places in Bhutan to visit? That’s a key and important to know. There are also other related thinks to know such as when and how to visit Bhutan.

Bhutan exists today, essentially a cultural destination because of its ancient Buddhist heritage and vibrant culture; tradition built on the Himalayan Vajrayana Buddhist faith. Besides the cultural aspects, Bhutan’s other attraction is its pristine natural beauty, which has been preserved over the centuries, in the form of untouched forests, rugged Himalayan landscapes and snow-capped peaks. Within this pristine environment is an amazing diversity of flora and fauna and eco systems. So for nature lovers and trekkers and those who love the outdoors Bhutan has much to offer.

So you need to decide what is it that you want to come to Bhutan for. For us at Bhutan Shambhala Holidays we put together packages that allow you to experience both the cultural and natural highlights of Bhutan. To allow you to experience Bhutan’s rich cultural traditions we might suggest that you visit when the Tshechu or religious festival is on. This major social and religious occasion allows you to mingle with the locals and experience the spirit of Bhutan’s traditions up close. This might be interspersed with visits to historical locations such as ancient monasteries and fortresses and short hikes to holy sites or nearby villages.

If you are a trekker, you could choose from easy treks that last a few days to longer more arduous ones to the month long ones that challenge your endurance and fitness as you walk to the base of unclimbed mountains and go over numerous mountains passes more than 4,000 meters high. If you are into adventure sports you could choose from Rafting, Mountain biking to rock climbing in the pure Himalayan environs to get your kick of adrenalin. You could also choose a motorcycle tour and ride from the border deep into the interior following the mountains with hundreds of hairpin bends.

So it really depends what you would like to do on your visit to Bhutan and we can help you put a package together to give you the best experience of holidaying in Bhutan.

The two preferred seasons are spring and autumn when the festivals are on and weather is sunny and perfect for outdoor recreation. Summer and winter are lean seasons. Summer sees a lot of rain and roads get blocked by mud slides. Winter is dry and dusty and temperatures can drop to below zero in the temperate valleys. Most of the passes that trekking routes go through get snowed in but there are other routes through the temperate regions that are still open and perfect during winter.

"Trekking in Bhutan reveals a spectacular, un-spoilt country steeped in ancient traditions and with a 'history' that is as tall as the Himalayas" - The Guardian