Tibet Roof of the World

Tibet is known as rooftop of the world. It is at a majestic height of 4900 lies to the northeast Himalayas and towers high above the rest of Asia. In the last few years we have take hundreds of foreigners to this hidden land. It is remote and forbidden land. It has become a dream destination for many travelers and adventures, lovers from all over the world because of it are isolated from the most of the world until the early 20th century. It encompasses over 1500 lakes vast plates, great river valleys and some of most inspiring mountains in world. The Tibet is autonomous region is also the land of traditional culture and its arts and monasteries. It is a perfect destination for spiritual tradition, temples and monasteries, lakes and rivers. Tibet is a beautiful land with an average altitude over 4000 m. above sea level. Tibetan history, culture and religion intermingled within every aspect of social life. Tibetan religion religious arts have a distinctive influence by both Indian and Chinese Buddhist forms thus creating a pearl Asian Buddhist art. China, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Burma, Pakistan are the border countries of Tibet. People inhabitant this land of natural resources and old cultures. The best season for Tibet tour is from end march to end November each year.